Should motoring enthusiasts wish to travel back down the corridors of time, they will discover a few gems that still hold their own today. Take the iconic 1994 Mercedes S600 with its 6.0-litre powerhouse of a V12 motor. 

Words: Roger Metcalfe

Although a quarter of a century old, the great S600 coupé will deliver one of the smoothest rides you will ever experience, even today, returning a surprisingly economical cruising figure of 11.8 L/100 km. Consumption on the urban cycle is naturally higher, but the enthusiast owner or collector seldom uses this vehicle for grocery shopping or school runs.


Despite its two-tonne weight, this solid, luxury vehicle will accelerate to 100 km/h in just over six remarkable seconds and reach effortless speeds of 250 km/h, as tested on the German autobahn—all this whilst giving a silken, silent ride that would befit royalty.

I’m doing my best to convince an Austrian collector and friend not to sell his two-tone, metallic blue S600 coupé. However, he plans to live on his small holding and prefers to use the R400 000 or so to buy a luxury 4×4. 

He purchased this rare two-door Mercedes from one of our well-known captains of industry, and it’s been parked under cover, with a full service history, for most of its life. With only 160 000 genuine km on the clock, this is a gift and an investment for any Mercedes enthusiast. 

These models came out with electric sunroofs, double-glazed glass, high-quality, polished wood trim, heated electric seats with memory function, electric rear roller blinds, climate control and a host of other features putting it way ahead of its time. This model has been fitted with larger 19-inch wheels, giving it a subtle yet eye-catching look.

Here are a few Internet comments from owners of this rare gem:

Mercedes Enthusiast from Glastonbury, Connecticut

“I have owned nothing but Mercedes for the past 12 years…and I have to say this is a real show-stopper. I bought this as my work car and to take clients out. The interior is spacious and has all the bells and whistles … including heated lumbar seats even in the back, separate controls for A/C in the back and four illuminated makeup mirrors! The Bose sound system transforms this ride into a perfect experience. This is a solid car designed to deliver refined power and comfort. You feel like you are in a limo.”

Justin from Marina Del Rey, California

“I always loved this model, I bought this one used, and it has been a true ‘super’ car! I read that Mercedes-Benz took a loss on this car because they needed so few repairs, and people kept them for years and used them for taxi cabs too. Very fast, yet safe. Too many features to mention. Built with ‘Green’ parts & processes, water-based paints, eco-friendly wood etc. Yes, in 1994!”


About Roger Metcalfe

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