Andersen has launched “the first” electric-vehicle charger with camouflage technology, allowing EV owners to virtually hide their wall boxes when it’s fixed to the outside of their houses. 

Priced at £9 999 (R192 174.56), the Andersen-2-Invisible (A-2-I) unit’s built-in camouflage tech “takes the concept of stylish yet discreet charge points to the next level”. All the consumer needs to do is take a picture of the wall they want to fix the charge point to prior to installation and, once the wall box is installed, upload the image to the firm’s Konnect+ app and activate camouflage mode. High-definition, 4K mini-screens then mimic the pattern of the wall behind it. 

However, according to Andersen, the beauty of the A-2-I is that when the camouflage mode is turned off, customers can enjoy the original, high-end design of the wall box. For peace of mind, the home charger is covered in waterproof film. 

“Our brand mission has always been to produce elegant charge points which customers can personalise to match the design of their house. With the introduction of the A-2-I to our product range, we’ve taken that ambition to the extreme,” said Cameron O’Flage, head of technology at Andersen.