Joining forces with Munich-based carmaker Automobili Pininfarina, Bovet has unveiled the Battista Tourbillon, a timepiece, which, like the hypercar it’s inspired by, is a “ground-breaking object of art”. Watch the reveal video below…

PininfarinaCombining the traditional and modern in a unique, head-turning manner, the Battista Tourbillon features exquisite detailing inspired by the design language and features of the Battista hyper-GT. According to the Swiss luxury watchmaker, its latest watch shares the same design vision as the hypercar it’s named for. Said Bovet, “Applying the design know-how and [PURA] philosophy of Battista on such a small-scale object was an enormous challenge … requiring a completely different approach from both design teams.”

“The Battista Tourbillon makes an immediate statement as soon as you put it on your wrist”

Combining the design expertise of Bovet and Automobili Pininfarina, the timepiece incorporates “fresh” and “groundbreaking” ideas within a “classically-oriented” watchmaking structure, which is coupled with extraordinary finishing. “The Battista Tourbillon makes an immediate statement as soon as you put it on your wrist, and if you have it on when stepping out of your Automobili Pininfarina Battista hyper-GT, not another word needs to be said,” said Bovet. 

Although measuring 45.5 mm in diameter, the watch is “surprisingly” light in weight. In addition, Bovet says the re-designed bow at the 12 o’clock marker makes it possible for the watch to fit “just about” any size of wrist.

The Battista Tourbillon is endowed with a brand-new movement, which uses Bovet’s patented double face tourbillon. Beating at 18 000 vibrations per hour, the unit boasts a power reserve of 10 days with just a single barrel. “This movement started from a clean sheet of paper and was done specifically for the Battista Tourbillon, following the design input from Automobili Pininfarina,” Bovet added. 

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