Citroën has revealed a fresh corporate brand identity and, with it, a brand-new logo, the 10th evolution of the French firm’s “deux chevrons” emblem in its history spanning more than 100 years. The brand says the new logo signals a bold, exciting, dynamic new era for the company. 

The “elegant” new emblem signifies the carmaker’s transition and evolution. It will debut on a “significant” family-oriented concept vehicle at the end of September 2022.

The evolved emblem features “more prominent” chevrons contrasted and surrounded by a “softer” oval frame. “As we look to clarify our future focus, it was logical for us to close the loop by coming back graphically to André Citroën’s first logo, which represented the genuine promise of affordable and innovative mobility for all,” said Alexandre Revert, global brand designer of Citroën. 


Supporting the new logo is a “fresh” and “comprehensive” corporate identity programme which acts as a further and timely indication of how Citroën is accelerating its commitment to making electric mobility accessible to all while maintaining and extending its core DNA for accessibility, audacity and customer wellbeing. 

“As we embark on probably the most exciting chapter in our illustrious 103-year history, the time is right for Citroën to adopt a modern and contemporary new look. Our new identity is an elegant symbol of progress as we move our customers physically in daring, forward-looking vehicles that challenge traditional industry rules and emotionally by ensuring their entire experience – particularly going electric – is more affordable, comfortable and enjoyable whatever their wants and needs,” said Citroën CEO Vincent Cobée. 

“Our legacy of inspiring consumers with daring and revolutionary vehicles is energising us to adopt a different, more inclusive approach to future family mobility. We firmly believe that past, present and future customers will agree that nothing moves us like Citroën.”

The company says particular care has been given to the design to ensure the digital experience meets the expectations of new customers for ergonomics and aesthetics – including providing a ‘dark mode’ option – and fully meets the exacting needs and requirements for online sales.

However, the new identity will also extend beyond the digital environment and use of the new logo on and in vehicles to embrace all elements of the company’s corporate identity, from merchandising and documentation to the dealership and corporate building signage. The firm also says that the efficient new signage will be lighter, energy-saving, and chrome-free to increase recyclability.