In partnership with Italdesign and Williams Advanced Engineering, DEUS Automobiles has unveiled the Vayanne, a production-orientated concept hypercar with predicted power and torque outputs of “more than” 1 640 kW and “over” 2 000 Nm of torque. 


According to the firm, the Vayanne is the result of the three companies’ philosophies and commitments and shared goal of producing the first electric vehicle (EV) in automotive history to cross the 1 640 kW marker while delivering a “comfortable” and “luxurious” ride, “outstanding” performance and “maximum” daily usability in the hypercar class. 

The Vayanne has a ground clearance of 120 mm and “usable” storage space. DEUS claims a 0-100 km/h sprint time of “under” 1.99 seconds. 


Outside, the front and rear grilles are made to represent the infinity loop. The pattern of the parametric grilles is represented by hexagonal shapes that flow into each other to create the desired effect of angel wings. 

“At DEUS, design is not merely about the looks; it is an integrated concept that reflects the marque’s main credo: to effortlessly combine exquisite design and functionality with cutting-edge technology in the EV hypercar segment. To showcase this harmony, we chose to stylise the Vayanne around the idea of symmetry and geometric alignment of its lines and design features,” said Adrian-Filip Butuca, head of design at DEUS.

Marco Volpengo, Italdesign head of automotive business development Europe, said, “We are really satisfied with the results achieved with the Vayanne in this first phase of our collaboration with DEUS. Thanks to our distinctive experience in low series vehicle development and manufacturing, we are able to provide our technical support and know-how. Moreover, we are excited to apply and integrate the innovative technologies provided by our partner Williams Advanced Engineering.”