The “Mustang” namesake is arguably one of the most well-known worldwide. South Africa is no exception, with Ford’s pony car achieving an 87 per cent market share in the local sportscar segment in 2021. Last year, the local arm of the Blue Oval brand sold 3 613 units! We look at some of the special-edition Mustangs that have made their way to South Africa…

California Special (2022)

California mustang

The most recent limited-edition Mustang to touch down on SA shores, the California Special, Ford says, channels the spirit of the iconic 1968 model. Only 100 examples are available locally, each priced at R1 154 900. 

Available exclusively in Fastback guise, this special edition is distinguished from the standard variant by several cosmetic items. These include a black honeycomb front grille, replete with a red “GT/CS” badge, and black lower side stripers spanning from the rear wings. The decals feature a “hidden” “California Special” script.

The California Special is equipped with Ford’s familiar 5.0-litre atmospheric V8 powertrain, producing 330 kW and 529 Nm. A 10-speed automatic transmission directs outputs to the rear 19-inch Carbonised Grey alloy wheels. Ford claims this model sprints to the three-figure marker from a standstill in 4.5 seconds. A performance exhaust system provides the V8 soundtrack. Read our launch review here.

Shelby Speedster (2022)

Shelby Super Snake

This model can be described as “ultra-limited” locally. Only a trio of Shelby Speedsters are available in SA (of the 123 units worldwide; America received 98 of these), with one (that we know of) already finding a home. The Shelby Speedster is based on a Mustang Convertible, which has been “transformed” into a two-seater roadster. In addition, this limited edition boasts a wide-body aero kit to accommodate its wider tyres. 

For the Shelby Speedster, Ford has equipped the standard V8 with a Whipple supercharger, lifting power output to “in the region of” 618 kW. Ford says this translates to a “scintillating” 0-100 km/h sprint time of 3.5 seconds. 

Mach 1 (2021)

Launched in SA in 2021, the Mustang Mach 1 was dubbed the most focused Mustang yet. It was limited to only 90 units, and, when it arrived, all examples had already been spoken for, again showing how popular Ford’s sports car is in SA. 

Like the new California Special, the Mach 1 is appropriately distinct from its stablemates. The most notable of these are the black racing stripes with orange detailing. These hues contrast with the Mach 1’s ‘Fighter Jet Grey’ exterior paintwork. The model-specific wheels are finished in ‘Dark Tarnish’. 

Setting this model apart from the latest special edition to arrive here, in addition to the 10-speed auto ‘box, the Mach 1 was also available with a six-speed manual. The transmissions are coupled with Ford’s naturally aspirated V8, which was tuned to produce 338 kW.

Carroll Shelby Signature Edition (2020)


Named for company founder and racing driver Carroll Shelby, this special edition was limited to only 50 units worldwide, with the most prioritised for the North American market. However, it was available in SA (at a price of R2 708 000) in very limited numbers. How many? Three. 

This Signature Series model from Ford was available in Fastback and Convertible guises and with a manual and automatic transmission. The V8 powering this model received an Edelbrock supercharger, pushing power to 588 kW. A Borla exhaust set-up delivered the signature Shelby soundtrack. 

Bullitt (2019)


Arguably one of the most sought-after modern Mustangs available, the Bullitt celebrated the 50th anniversary of the movie it was named for. The Bullitt’s naturally aspirated V8, coupled with a six-speed manual cog swapper, produced 353 kW and 569 Nm of torque. It may not be the most potent limited-edition Mustang to make its way to SA; however, considering its heritage, it’s arguably one of the most collectable.