Ferrari has published the first official images of the 812 Special Edition, the Maranello manufacturer’s latest limited-edition supercar. Scheduled to make its official debut on 5 May, the 812 Special Edition is “aimed at Ferrari’s most passionate collectors and connoisseurs”.

Said Ferrari, the latest model in its special-series stable “is the ultimate expression of Ferrari’s concept of an extreme front-engined Berlinetta, honing the characteristics of the critically-acclaimed 812 Superfast to a level never seen before” and “features numerous uncompromising engineering solutions to guarantee peerless driving pleasure”.

Ferrari 812 Special Edition
The 812 Special Edition is “the ultimate expression of an extreme Berlinetta”.

The 812 Special Edition is, like the supercar it is based on, powered by Ferrari’s 65-degree-mounted V12. However, in this application the normally aspirated motor produces 610 kW and revs to 9 500 r/min. As a result, the 812 Special Edition is the most powerful and highest-revving petrol-powered Ferrari road car ever produced. This, the Italian supercar-maker says, has been achieved by redesigning many of the standard engine’s key components, the use of state-of-the-art materials, the fitment of a new valve timing mechanism and a new exhaust system.

The V12 powertrain is paired with “class-leading vehicle dynamics controls” to ensure its performance can fully utilised for owners to have “maximum fun” behind the wheel. To achieve this, the 812 Special Edition adopts an independent four-wheel steering system to provide “unparalleled” responsiveness to steering inputs and the latest version of Ferrari’s Side Slip Control dynamics system. For the 812 Special Edition, the overall weight – compared to that of the 812 Superfast –  has been reduced with the adoption of carbon-fibre materials for the exterior and interior.

Ferrari 812 Special Edition
The 812 Special Edition, Ferrari says, is aimed at the firm’s most passionate collectors.

The 812 Special Edition “is a car that encapsulates and epitomises the company’s 70-plus years of experience on the world’s circuits, drawing on its thoroughbred sports car DNA to deliver a perfect marriage of performance, form, and function,” Ferrari says.