The first copy of the new, limited-edition Bugatti EB110 book, The EB110 & The Last Bugatti Racing Cars, has been auctioned off for £39 000, a whopping R780 720.09, at a recent auction at Pebble Beach. All proceeds will go to charity. 

Bugatti EB110

Written by Johann Petit and Pascal van Mele and edited by Julius Kruta – Bugatti historian and former Head of Tradition at Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S – the “ground-breaking” 440-page work contains 700 period photographs, historical images and original sketches, the majority of which have never before been published.

“It is the pictures, as much as the text, that transport the reader through the extraordinary tale of the EB110 – the birth, growth and abrupt end of that remarkable supercar and the revolutionary factory behind it,” said Kruta. 

Bugatti EB110

“When our earlier book on the last Bugatti racing cars caused a tsunami of interest, we realised there was a pent-up need for a comprehensive work on the whole Bugatti EB110 story: something that captured the dream, the birth, the development, the dazzling success of the no-expense-spared fairytale. And, too, its abrupt and tragic end. So we ‘pulled the handbrake’ and started again. 

“It struck us at the time that this was wholly in keeping with the EB110 itself, which was fully developed and finished as an original design with an aluminium chassis – only for Romano Artioli to ‘pull the handbrake’ and develop a totally new car, this time with its famous carbon-fibre chassis. So this is exactly what we did with our book 30 years later. We worked tirelessly to acquire hundreds of never-before-seen period images of Artioli and other key protagonists, the car and the goings-on at the factory. We painstakingly crafted the text to tell the full – at times shocking – tale.” 

The book is available in three versions, each limited to only 110 copies. The first is the ‘GT Edition’ (with a black cover), the second is the ‘LM Edition’ (with a blue cover), and the third is the ‘IMSA Edition’ (with a silver cover). The book, available at Horton Books, is priced at $900 (R15 322.27).