A road trip isn’t complete without great tunes. However, choosing a song all passengers want to listen to while en route to the destination often leads to fiery debate. Not to worry, HARMAN has a solution, with the US firm showcasing brand-new in-car audio tech offering each passenger a  personalised and immersive audio experience. 


Billed Ready Together, the fresh technology revealed by the Connecticut-based brand “delivers better ways for the entire family to be safely connected while enjoying shared or personalised entertainment in the vehicle”. This solution manages and optimises features which include voice prompts, alerts and music to work together as a whole. In addition, this set-up also uses advanced zone technology so that each passenger can enjoy their own media. 

The company will also introduce an updated version of its Personal Audio Headrest system. The revised item’s unique design “is more efficient and streamlined to create the best audio headrest on the market”, Harman says.

“At HARMAN, we remain hyper-focused on delivering new in-vehicle solutions that directly solve entertainment, communication and productivity pain points for drivers and passengers alike, all while providing the same consumer tech experiences that they enjoy outside the vehicle,” said Chris Ludwig, Vice President, EPIC Experience Team at HARMAN International. “By offering these experiences via automotive-grade applications, HARMAN can now provide the whole family with their own personal content and space, while allowing them to remain safely connected and engaged with others while in the car.”