Honda has revealed teaser images of the all-new Civic Type R, with the camouflaged prototype providing a glimpse into what we can expect of the new version of the Japanese car manufacturer’s driver-focused hot hatch.

Although development of the next-generation Civic Type R continues, Honda has announced it is “ready for Nürburgring testing”. Furthermore, the Hamamatsu-based firm has confirmed the production version’s global reveal date. The new Civic Type R is scheduled to be introduced in 2022.

Civic Type R
The next-generation Civic Type R is “ready for Nürburgring testing”.

Although disguised by camouflage wrapping, a few exterior elements are indeed noticeable, especially the large rear wing, which has been moved upwards on the rear hatch. As with the previous-generation model, three exhaust outlets are present and correct, and are found in the centre of a prominent rear diffuser. However, compared to its predecessor’s tailpipes, the unit sited in the middle is now larger in diameter than duo sited on opposite sides.

Up front, the enlarged front grille is flanked by a pair of tapered headlamps, which incorporates LED daytime-running lights. Viewed from the side, those with a keen eye will notice red Brembo brake callipers.

Civic Type R
Centrally sited exhaust outlets present and correct.

The cabin design should remain familiar to the new Civic, though boast myriad design elements and equipment specific to the performance variant. Touchscreen infotainment, complete with screen-mirroring functionality, and various safety tech should also be present in the production model.

The powertrain and drivetrain for the new Civic Type R has yet to be confirmed, though the upcoming model will most likely be endowed with an upgraded version of its forebear’s 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine. Remaining true to its driver-focused roots, the new model will retain a manual gearbox.