BMW has unveiled the iX1, the German automaker’s first-ever all-electric all-wheel-drive compact SUV. According to the Munich-based car manufacturer, “The iX1 will bring the experience of locally emission-free driving pleasure to a vehicle segment enjoying worldwide growth, making it accessible to a very wide target audience.”


The iX1 made its global premiere in xDrive30 guise. This model is powered by BMW’s “latest” eDrive technology. The system comprises two highly integrated drive units on the fore and aft axles for a combined power output of 230 kW. BMW does, however, mention that this figure takes the temporary boost effect into account. The overall torque output is rated at 494 Nm. 

BMW says the all-wheel-drive system ensures “supreme” traction and directional stability in all driving situations. BMW claims the iX1 xDrive30 completes the 0-100 km/h sprint in 5.7 seconds. 


The fifth-generation eDrive tech comprises “highly efficient” charging tech. It also includes the “improved” charging software found in the i7 luxury saloon and high-voltage battery sited flat within the premium crossover’s underbody.

BMW says the battery allows for an all-electric range of between 413 km and 438 km. However, these figures are predicted values that have been based on the car’s current stage of development. 

Inside, the iX1 features the company’s curved dual digital display set-up. The system incorporates BMW’s new-generation operating system.