The Kimera Automobili EVO37 has finally made its debut. A tribute to the original Lancia 037 Group B rally car of the 1980s, the EVO37 is an “uncompromising car, aware of its essence and nature, made with extreme methods and with the best of modern technology in the motor industry”, the Italian firm says. With the EVO37, Kimera Automobili says, the legendary Lancia 037 rally car “rediscovers its unmistakable nature and shape” and is “ennobled by the maximum possible technical and performance development as if [it] was conceived today”.

Kimera Automobili EVO37
Limited to only 37 units, the EVO37 will be priced from €480 000 (R8 million).

According to the Cuneo company, thanks to long, rigorous and detailed design and engineering activity, it has evolved the Lancia 037 by creating this custom-built reimagined version. The EVO37 was developed with precious materials and state-of-the-art components. Kimera Automobili used the central cell of the production car’s chassis as the starting point to the development of the EVO37. For greater torsional rigidity, two tubular structures were anchored to the front and rear of the chassis.

Kimera Automobili EVO37
The EVO37 is equipped with 18-inch front and 19-inch rear wheels and features 365 mm brake discs.

The EV037 was developed with the use of computer-aided design (CAD) and engineering (CAE), computer numerical control (CNC) milling and 3D scanning, among others. The result, Kimera Automobili says, “is the maximum expression of all the characteristics inherent in the DNA of the car, exponentially optimized and embellished by modern technology”.

Like the racecar it takes inspiration from, the EV037 boasts a mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout. The forced-induction (by means of supercharging and turbocharging) 2,2-litre inline-four is linked to a six-speed manual gearbox and produces 373 kW and 550 N.m of torque, with 400 N.m available from 2 000 r/min.

Kimera Automobili EVO37
Supercharged and turbocharged, the EVO37’s mid-mounted four-cylinder engine produces 373 kW and 550 N.m.

Said engineer Claudio Lombardi, “the advantage of this coupling (of super- and turbocharging) is high power at high revs and, at the same time, torque and performance at low revs … whoever drives [the EVO37] will have full and powerful delivery at all engine speeds”.