Lamborghini has revealed the Huracán EVO ‘Minotauro’, an art car expressing the dynamism, power, and innermost emotions artist Paolo Troilo experienced while driving a Huracán EVO. 

Clenched fists on the front bonnet are reminiscent of a bull’s horns.

Entitled “Minotauro” (Minotaur), the work of art expressed in painting on the bodywork uses the representation of the male body as its defining element and a means of communication. Paying homage to the Huracán EVO, the artwork depicts a fusion between man, the bull symbol of Lamborghini, and the concept of myth expressed in the indomitable – supernatural and almost animalistic – force exuded by the man’s figure painted on the sides of the car. The strength communicated by the forearms and the clenched fists on the front hood are reminiscent of a bull’s horns.

“There are some encounters that change you”

“It was inspiring to meet Paolo Troilo and his artistic expressiveness. In our company we are accustomed to art and the way it has always influenced our cars,” commented Christian Mastro, marketing director at Automobili Lamborghini. “However, when our product and the emotions it brings come together with the sensibilities of an artist like Troilo, something different and exceptionally unique like ‘Minotauro’ is created, and we are very proud of this.”

The work, entitled “Minotauro”, owes its name to the mix of emotion and meaning the artist experienced when he encountered Lamborghini.

Paolo Troilo explained: “Time. I am enamoured with the idea of slowness, and I have always championed it as a key to pleasure, culture, beauty and success. But there are some encounters that change you. 

“Seeing the Lamborghini Huracán EVO and trying it out suggested to me that there are also things capable of releasing the same energy with acceleration, with speed, with momentum. I heard the sound of the wind picking up as the space narrowed and time distorted: I felt a flowing wind and used it to paint on the muse itself, the inspiration of these emotions: the Huracán, my Minotauro.”