Lexus has released a gallery of new images of the Japanese luxury automaker’s upcoming electrically powered sports car. Reviving the spirit of the iconic LFA, the performance-focused EV symbolises the future of the brand. According to the Nagoya-based company, the bold yet sleekly styled EV will boast a zero to 100 km/h acceleration time in the low two-second range, while the cruising distance will exceed 700 km. 

“We believe the Battery EV will become the future symbol of Lexus”

“We will deliver a unique electrified Lexus that combines linear motor acceleration and deceleration, brake feeling and exhilarating handling to further pursue the joy of driving. In particular, we believe that the Battery EV will become the future symbol of Lexus as a model that most clearly expresses the evolution of the automobile brought about by electrification,” said the carmaker.

In addition to the battery-powered performance car, the car manufacturer’s BEV line-up will comprise the RZ 450 e (the carmaker’s first fully electric vehicle) and a sedan.