Lotus has announced the introduction of four new electric vehicles to its existing EV portfolio by 2026.

Lotus Type 132
The British marque’s first emissions-free SUV is scheduled to be revealed in 2022.

Joining the Hethel-based brand’s emissions-free hypercar – the Evija – in the automaker’s all-electric line-up, the first model – an e-SUV codenamed “Type 132” –  will make its debut in 2022. The following year, the company plans on introducing the (codenamed) Type 133, an emissions-free four-door coupé, with another e-SUV – the Type 134 – scheduled to be revealed in 2025. The trio will be joined in 2026 by an all-new electric sports car, the Type 135.

Lotus Type 133
An all-electric four-door coupé will join the “Type 132” in 2023 in Lotus EV portfolio.

The development of the automaker’s quartet of new EVs will take place on the Lotus Premium architecture. Allowing for a wheelbase range from 2 889 mm to 3 100 mm, the Premium platform, Lotus says, supports all types of passenger vehicles and, using 92 kWh to 120 kWh batteries, is compatible with the industry’s most advanced 800 V high-speed EV charging system. Lotus claims that products developed on this platform will be capable of accelerating to 100 km/h from standstill in under 3,0 seconds.

Lotus Type 134
In 2025, a second e-SUV will join the line-up.

Said the British marque, “In the era of intelligent electric mobility, Lotus will once again set the standard for performance, redefining the relationship between man and vehicle, and help the global automotive industry in accelerating the pace of its transformation.”

Type 135
An all-electric sports car will make its debut in 2026.