Billed as the world’s first hyper-SUV, Lotus has finally whipped the wraps off the Eletre. Taking the core principles and DNA of Lotus, the emissions-free SUV, the automaker says, is the first of a new breed of pure electric SUVs.


“This is a momentous point in our history and a clear signal of our ongoing desire to transform our business. It is a true Lotus, and we’re confident it will delight performance-car customers and offer a distinct alternative to the segment’s established players,” said Matt Windle, managing director of Lotus Cars. 


“The Eletre is a bold and revolutionary new car, delivering on our commitment to move Lotus into completely new automotive segments as we widen our global appeal and accessibility,” Windle added. “The Eletre has the soul of a Lotus and the usability of an SUV. Alongside the Emira sports car, this is the perfect two-car garage from Lotus.”

The Eletre’s battery boasts a capacity of “over” 100 kWh and a power output “from” 441 kW. According to the company, a 350 kW fast charge provides the Eletra with an all-electric range of 400 km in “just” 20 minutes. The target driving range is 600 km. 

Said Qingfeng Feng, CEO of Group Lotus, “The Eletre, our Hyper-SUV, is a new performance car from an iconic performance-car brand and it will appeal to independent-minded and adventurous driving enthusiasts – those who love the thrill of driving. It is a unique combination of beautiful design, exceptional dynamic performance and everyday usability, for those who dare to look beyond the conventional, and marks a turning point for our business and brand.”

According to Lotus, the Eletre has the most advanced aerodynamics package on any production SUV. Further technologies include intelligent driving systems, such as deployable Light Detection and Ranger (LIDAR) system.