The Maserati MC20 has received the award for “Product Design of the Year” 2021. Awarded by the European Product Design Award, the Italian luxury car manufacturer’s new super sports car was also honoured in the categories of “Top Design Winner” in Transportation/Auto/Truck/Mobile Home and “Winner” in Transportation/Other Transportation Design. 

Maserati MC20
The MC20 was also honoured in the category of “Top Design Winner” in Transportation/Auto/Truck/Mobile Home.

Said Maserati head of design Klaus Busse said, “Our mission was to design a car that would be remembered in the future as the model that launched the Maserati New Era. And I think we’ve achieved our goal with [the] MC20. We are honoured to receive this coveted accolade, which recognises the work of an entire team, who have made a whole-hearted commitment to this unique project.” 

Maserati MC20
Note the Trident pattern on the rear window vents.

As a reminder, the Maserati MC20’s 3.0-litre V6 petrol motor is endowed with 470 kW and 630 N.m of torque. According to the Modena-based manufacturer, this is enough to ensure a zero to 100 km/h acceleration time of 2.88 seconds and a top speed of “over” 326 km/h.