Mercedes-AMG C43, where luxury meets performance in a compact executive package. AMG has infused this new iteration with a sportier essence, departing from the serene demeanor of its predecessor.

There will always be a team William and a team Harry, and the same can be said for Mercedes-Benz’s fans. With the three-pointed star brand’s decision to exchange power and performance for the planet and preserving the universe one mild-hybrid at a time, you will always get one side of the field praising the brand’s decision to start making more conscious decisions, and then there is the field that is devastated at losing their beloved V6s. The story of the Mercedes-AMG C43 is one such tale.


Now, there’s been chatter about AMG’s downsizing antics, particularly with the transition from a V6 to a four-cylinder engine in the C43. The aim? Well, efficiency takes the spotlight, with emissions clocking in at a marginally lower figure than before.


But let’s talk numbers. The C43 boasts 300 kW, a bump from its predecessor, but torque takes a slight dip. Despite the power boost, its acceleration remains just a hair quicker than before, owing partly to a heavier frame.

Under the hood lies the same powerplant found in the A45 S, offering spirited performance with a dash of hybrid assistance for that extra oomph. It accelerates from 0-100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds and can reach an electronically limited top speed of 250 km/h.


Engage Comfort mode, and you’ll cruise in tranquility, barely noticing the hybrid wizardry at play.

Switch to Sport mode, and the C43 awakens, delivering sharper responses and a symphony of engine notes, though a tad subdued compared to its V6 predecessor. Let’s face it, nothing quite like a V6 roar to wake up the neighbors.


On the road, the C43 exudes confidence, thanks to its all-wheel-drive system and rear-wheel steering, offering a glimpse of agility when navigating corners. Yet, its hefty curb weight does make its presence felt, especially in tire wear (let’s just say the row of journalists that had the C43 before me made sure the tires were properly broken in).


Now, economy-wise, Mercedes claims pretty decent figures, but real-world driving might paint a different picture, as I learned thanks to Sandton’s daily congestion. As for all the bells and whistles, the C43 spoils its occupants with a plethora of goodies, from a panoramic sunroof to a state-of-the-art sound system.

In essence, the Mercedes-AMG C43 straddles the line between luxury and performance, delivering a spirited ride with a touch of refinement, albeit with a price tag to match its prowess.


The 2023 Mercedes-AMG C43 4Matic clocks in at R1,625,660 and comes with a PremiumDrive 5-year/100,000 km maintenance plan included.