Remember the Paul Smith-designed MINI the British marque revealed earlier this year? Well, MINI has now whipped the wraps off the MINI Recharged Lakwena, with the British marque saying the redesigned classic is an “electrified work of art”. 

“This MINI is a colour festival of cultures”

Based on a 1986 model, this “colourful, loud and bright” recreation was created by London-based artist Lakwena Maciver, who “transformed” the classic into an ambassador for the MINI Recharge project. MINI says bold statements and bright hues are at the heart of Lakwena’s work. The partnership between Lakwena and MINI began two years ago. 

For the artist, British culture is very much influenced by the exchange through long journeys that many people have taken. The MINI Recharged Lakwena thus celebrates the diverse journeys and paths of different people with brightly applied patterns and colours. I hope this MINI Recharged will make people feel good and put a smile on their faces. This MINI is a colour festival of cultures,” said the artist. 

MINI says the artwork is “ideally suited” to this year’s European Championships (BMW Group is the official premium partner to the event), which will be held throughout Munich from today to 21 August. The competitions in which athletes compete in nine different disciplines stand for mutual respect, tolerance and diversity. MINI will represent the BMW Group as a sponsor of the beach volleyball and climbing competitions at Munich’s Königsplatz.

London-born artist Lakwena Maciver with the colourful MINI Recharged Lakwena.