Combining traditional values with future-orientated tech, a dedicated team at Mini’s Oxford-based plant has handed the classic Mini an electric conversion for owners who want to experience traditional go-kart-like handling with an emissions-free drivetrain. Meet the Mini Recharged…

Recharged“What the project team are developing preserves the character of the classic Mini and enables its fans to enjoy the all-electric performance. With Mini Recharged, we are connecting the past with the future of the brand,” said Bernd Körber, head of the MINI Brand.

Ditching the original petrol engine for a modern electric drive unit, the Mini Recharged project, as it is so eloquently named, ensures that only reversible changes are made to the classic car. “Careful handling of the historical heritage is an important part of the concept,” said the UK firm. 

RechargedThe electric unit generated a continuous output of “up to” 90 kW. Mini claims this allows the converted classic to accelerate to 100 km/h from standstill in “approximately” nine seconds. Energy is supplied by a “high-voltage” battery, which provides a recharging capacity of “up to” 6.6 kWh and an electric range of “around” 160 km. 

“This makes it possible to restore the classic Mini to its original condition at a later date. During the conversion, the original engine of each vehicle is marked and stored so it can be reused in the event of a future retrofit of the classic Mini,” the company added. 

RechargedAccording to the BMW-owned brand, “The Mini Recharged project means a vehicle’s life can be extended in a sustainable way. A classic Mini can now be given a new lease of life, accompanying its owner into the future, whilst maintaining its much-loved heritage.”