A collaboration between two British icons, MINI and fashion designer Sir Paul Smith have whipped the covers off a brand-new MINI Recharged, the Paul Smith Edition. 

Paul Smith

Reinventing the classic in electric format, the 1998 example celebrates the fusion of tradition with pioneering technology. The Paul Smith Edition explores the possibilities of sustainable design. “Three things describe this car perfectly: quality, sustainability and functionality,” said the design icon. “This car also respects the past.”

“It explores the possibilities of sustainable design”

The MINI Recharged Paul Smith Edition is dressed in a bright shade, reminiscent of one of Paul Smith’s favourite shirts. The vibrant lime green battery box recalls a 1990s colour palette. 

The interior is “dominated” by an unclad floor pan. Instead, “rustic” floor mats, made from recycled rubber, have been placed on top. Paul Smith’s design further leaves out entire instruments in some places. A magnet sited next to the steering wheel accommodates a smartphone, which, apart from the speedo, replaces nearly all of the buttons and functions found on the fascia. 

In addition, the tiller can be removed entirely to facilitate climbing in and out of the unique model. MINI says this is an “innovative” solution and a “tongue-in-the-cheek” quip of Paul Smith’s trademark wit.