Mini has introduced a series of limited-edition rooftop designs, with the US arm of the British car manufacturer saying the individual pieces “transform” the iconic Mini rooftops into works of art.

“Mini is all about self-expression, and the rooftops convey this in its purest form,” Mike Peyton, vice president of Mini of the Americas says. Forming part of the firm’s “Big Love” brand campaign, the works of art were created by three artists, who were specially selected by the company. The artists are Rich Ru, Shane Griffin, and Shawna X. Each piece reflects these individuals’ divers cultural backgrounds and experiences of growing up in the US.

As part of this project, the automaker will be making a donation to the American Immigration Council to support its mission. Said Wendy Feliz, director of the council’s Centre for Inclusion and Belonging, “We’re proud and happy to be able to benefit from these outstanding works of art and we look forward to celebrating them and the artists who created them.”