Marking a new chapter in the Italian firm’s history, Maserati has unveiled the new GranTurismo, a grand-tourer coupé combining the high performance of a sports car with the comfort suitable for long distances. 


From an exterior point of view, the Modena-based luxury car manufacturer says the latest iteration’s design represents the ideal balance between beauty and functionality. The classic proportions of its namesake have been retained. The new GranTurismo has a “pure shape” that’s suitable to cover “best-in-class” mechanics. Maserati says this emphasises the purity of its forms and its refined design cues. 

The new GranTurismo is available with two powertrains, Maserati’s “revolutionary” V6 Nettuno engine, available in different states of tune in the Modena and high-performance Trofeo models, and a 100 per cent electric derivative, the Folgore. The 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged V6 in the Modena produces 360 kW, while the Nettuno unit found under the elongated bonnet of the Trofeo has been uprated to churn out 405 kW. 


The electrified GranTurismo’s 800 V Folgore system comprises a 92.5 kWh battery coupled with three 300 kW permanent magnet motors. The set-up was developed with “cutting-edge” solutions derived from Formula E. Although boasting a trio of 300 kW electric motors, the battery has a discharge capacity of 560 kW to continuously transmit “around” 567 kW to the wheels. 

Maserati says the GranTurismo offers an “all-round sound experience” guaranteed by the “iconic” signature sound of the company’s engine, even in the electric version, thanks to innovative work by engineers at the firm’s Innovation Lab. 


The sound experience comes courtesy of an “immersive” Sonus faber 3D sound system. The audio system offers two levels of customisation, giving it up to 19 speakers and 3D sound with an output of “up to” 1 195 W for depth of field and truly unique roundness of sound.