SVI Engineering has announced that it has developed a new B6 V2.0 armouring kit for the Nissan Navara. Specifically created for the locally-built bakkie, this is the first armoured Navara from the SA-based vehicle-armouring specialist. 

Nissan navara

The semi-discreet kit is available for the Navara in single- and double-cab formats. Equipped with the B6 V2.0 armouring kit, the Navara is protected against assault rifles such as an AK47 and an R1. 

The Navara-specific package includes unique features such as bolt-action secondary door locks and door check straps. In addition, for the Navara, SVI has ditched the double-door system in favour of unobtrusive, integrated door armour. Upgraded door hinges have also been fitted. The roof, front wheel arches and all pillars have also gained B6 bullet protection. Allowing for easy replacement, each window frame features flat ballistic glass. Gunports are standard, as is upgraded front suspension. 

Nissan navara

“Since Nissan started building the Navara in South Africa last year – also expanding the range to include single-cab workhorses – its share of the local bakkie market has grown substantially. The development of this latest Stopgun V2.0 kit provides security firms requiring crime-fighting tools with another robust, cost-effective option,” said Nicol Louw, Business Development Director at SVI. 

So, how much will it cost to equip your Navara with a B6 V2.0 armouring kit? For the single-cab variant, the package is priced at R241 110 (excluding VAT). Equipping the double-cab model with the armouring package costs R344 779 (excluding VAT). Fitment takes two weeks.