Ferrari has unveiled the latest model in its ‘One-Off’ series of supercars. Designed to the specifications of a long-standing client and collector, meet the SP51 …


Designed by Ferrari’s Styling Centre under the leadership of Flavio Manzoni, the SP51 is a bespoke creation based on the 812 GTS, the supercar from which the one-of-a-kind open-top (indeed, it goes without a roof) has inherited its layout, chassis and engine. As a reminder, the 6.5-litre atmospheric V12 produces 588 kW and 719 Nm of torque. 

According to the Prancing Horse brand, the SP51’s styling is powerful and harmonious thanks to its seamlessly muscular, undulating surfaces. The firm says the one-off’s forms are modern, sinuous and sensual all at once. For the SP51, Ferrari has extensively used bare carbon fibre for the exterior. 


The specially designed headlamps “give the SP51 an instantly recognisable and forceful identity all of its own”. Specific to this model, the wheels feature carbon-fibre wing profiles on each spoke. 

An “arched” theme dominates the rear end. The taillamps are sited below the spoiler. Behind the cabin are two flying buttresses visually softened by two deep carbon-fibre scoops. Between these two elements stretches a transverse, carbon-fibre wing, the profile of which folds over the buttresses.

However, the automaker says one of the car’s most captivating features is its body paint. The SP51’s bodywork is finished in specially developed (for the SP51) Rosso Passionale three-layer paintwork. This bespoke model also features blue and white livery, inspired by the legendary 1955 Ferrari 410 S.