A modern, electrified version of the iconic Renault 4, the French firm has unwrapped the 4EVER Trophy, a “rugged, adventure-ready” show car, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 4L Trophy humanitarian rally. It also reflects a future production model. 

4EVER Trophy

According to Renault, the show car creates new memories while bringing back old ones. The automaker says, “The retro style blends harmoniously with the rest of the otherwise sophisticated and technological lines.” For the 4EVER Trophy, the company has “revived” the original car’s main features. The bodywork features a prominent bonnet, bumper and “hallmark” angular rear section. The rear trapezoidal side windows with rounded corners are sited above the aft wheels.

The concept car features a “unique” light signature. A “twist” on the Renault 4’s wide horizontal grille, the 4EVER Trophy is fitted with matrix LED units. “The innovative lights give the vehicle a strong identity. While the recognisable pill-shaped rear lights have also been entirely redesigned, they remain readily recognisable and are a clear nod to the iconic 4L,” said the carmaker. 

4EVER Trophy

The company further says, “The dune-buggy vibe gives 4EVER Trophy a competitive look.” The hollowed-out bonnet has a large air exhaust that vastly improves the efficacy of the radiator located in the centre of the shield. The front overhang has been shortened considerably for a greater clearance capacity. A spare wheel can be found on the carbon-fibre roof. A shovel can be found on the upper section of the rear door. Renault says the 4EVER Trophy is a car ready to tackle any situation. The concept is fitted with 19-inch wheels. 

“To bring 4EVER Trophy into the modern era, we have infused its streamlined shape with technological sophistication. All these ingredients have been carefully crafted so that the design resonates with those who are familiar with the 4L and its illustrious history and with younger generations,” said Gilles Vidal, VP of Renault Brand, Design.