“A powerful status symbol”, the Rafale has made its global debut, with Renault saying its “daring and dynamic” coupé-styled flagship SUV ushers in a new era for the French firm.


The Rafale’s “chiselled” shape features a variety of technical elements, Renault says. The radiator grille comprises a “constellation” of small diamond-shaped details. According to the carmaker, this three-dimensional arrangement appears and disappears, much like an optical illusion, depending from where it is viewed.

The Rafale is the second vehicle in Renault’s arsenal (following the Clio E-Tech) to feature the firm’s new signature, diamond-shaped light pattern. Continuing with the lights, as standard, the headlamps feature ‘LED Adaptive Vision’ tech, with matrix items found on models higher up in the range. ‘Round back, the taillamp clusters have been set as far apart as possible to add poise and visually enhance the SUV’s width. The Rafale features a 1 470 mm x 1 117 mm Solarbay panoramic glass roof.


renault rafale

The Rafale’s coupé-styled bodywork measures 4 710 mm in length, 1 860 mm in width, and 1 610 mm in height, which, Renault says, makes it a quintessential sporty SUV. The wheelbase measures 2 740 mm. The track has also been increased.

“The Rafale is sized to give it a status-symbol aura, its design is vibrant, and it has a powerful personality. So, it naturally stands out as the Renault brand’s new flagship,” said Agneta Dahlgren, CMF-CD Design Project Director.


Inside, the Rafale’s features Renault’s 12.3-inch OpenR digital cockpit and OpenR Link multimedia system. The  Android Automotive-powered, 12-inch infotainment system incorporates built-in Google functionalities and wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto screen mirroring. An “upgraded” head-up display, measuring 9.3 inches, is also present. An LED strip spans the dashboard. Continuing with interior lighting, a light logo can be found on the seats.

The “high-tech” rear armrest features two USB ports and storage space for smartphones and tablets. Those seated in the rear compartment has 880 mm of head- and 302 mm of kneeroom. The luggage capacity is a claimed 647 litres.


renault rafale

At first, one engine — Renault’s E-Tech full hybrid — option will be available, with another, more powerful unit driving all four wheels becoming available at a later stage. The former comprises a 1.2-litre turbopetrol engine, producing 96 kW and 205 Nm of torque, and two electric motors, coupled with a 2 kWh, 400 V battery. The main electric motor produces 50 kW/205 Nm, while the secondary unit produces 25 kW/50 Nm. The total power output is 149 kW. The hybrid arrangement is coupled with a ‘multimode’ automatic gearbox. The upcoming, high-performance, 4×4 model will feature a “substantially upgraded” hybrid powertrain, producing 224 kW.

“The all-new Renault Rafale is central in the ‘Renaulution’, symbolises our move upmarket and shows that we belong in every customer segment. With its captivating coupé-SUV design crafted for intense experiences, it provides unprecedented driving pleasure with its hybrid powertrains and a standard-setting chassis brimming with passion and know-how from Renault engineers,” said Fabrice Cambolive, CEO of the Renault brand.