naamsa has released the new-vehicle sales statistics for October 2022, with the company saying, “Although the pace of recovery has started to ease, the performance of the new vehicle market remained reassuring considering further headwinds such as the logistical disruptions during the month.”

In the tenth month of the year, aggregate domestic new-vehicle sales were 45 966, an increase of 11.4 per cent (4 715 units) compared to October 2021. Of the total figure, an “estimated” 37 983 units (82.6 per cent) represented dealer sales; an estimated 13.1 per cent was sales to the vehicle rental industry, 2.4 per cent to government, and 1.9 per cent to corporate industry fleets. 

The October 2022 new passenger-car market registered 30 597 units sold, an increase of 10.4 per cent (2 881 units), compared to the 27 716 new cars sold in October 2021. The car rental industry supported the new passenger car market during the month and accounted for 17.4 per cent of sales in October 2022. Domestic sales of new light commercial vehicles (LCVs), bakkies and mini-buses came in at 12 738 units, an increase of  14.3 per cent (1 590 units). 


So, which manufacturer reported the highest number of new-car sales in SA during October 2022? Well, for starters, compared to September 2022, there were some significant changes to the list. However, the top three remained the same, with Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM) again topping the list, Volkswagen Group SA coming in second, and Suzuki Auto SA placing third. 

Hyundai, which placed fourth in September, moved down one spot, while Nissan moved up into fourth. Haval, which didn’t make the top 10 last month, claimed the sixth spot. Isuzu moved down one place (into eighth), with Ford claiming seventh. Renault dropped down to ninth (from sixth). Kia took tenth place. Here’s how many cars each manufacturer sold…

  1. Toyota – 12 574
  2. VW Group SA – 4 904
  3. Suzuki – 4 112
  4. Nissan – 3 011
  5. Hyundai – 2 703
  6. Haval – 2 602
  7. Ford – 2 458
  8. Isuzu – 2 187
  9. Renault – 2 011
  10. Kia – 1 780