Remember when SVI announced last year that it had purchased a new Toyota Land Cruiser — the Land Cruiser 300 — to develop a “discreet” armouring kit for the Japanese automaker’s flagship SUV? Well, the South African armoured-vehicle specialist has announced that the project has been completed, with the firm revealing its first bulletproof LC300!


SVI’s LC300 has been armoured to level B6 specification, “the highest grade of civilian protection allowed without a special permit”. This kit provides occupants with “full protection” against assault rifles such as an AK47, R5 and R1. 

“It makes for the perfect VIP vehicle”

“The armoured Land Cruiser 200 has proven to be one of the most popular civilian vehicles with SVI clients over the years. Since the new Land Cruiser 300 is both lighter and more powerful than its predecessor, it’s even better suited to receiving our painstakingly developed B6 solution,” said SVI’s business and development manager Nicol Louw. “The J300 series Land Cruiser makes for the perfect VIP vehicle when fitted with the comprehensive B6 bullet-resistant package.”


“Fitting our bespoke B6 armouring package to the Land Cruiser 300 – whether clients opt for the twin-turbo 3.5-litre V6 petrol model or the 3.3-litre V6 turbodiesel version – results in the perfect bullet-resistant vehicle for high-profile individuals seeking the ultimate protection,” Louw added. 

The armoured LC300 features an upgraded suspension set-up to manage the additional mass. The 360-degree B6 kit is priced at R981 823 (excluding VAT). Optional fitment includes B6 roof and floor armour and heavy-duty run-flat rings. SVI says the build time is four months.