South African armoured-vehicle specialist SVI Engineering has announced it has developed a new discreet armouring package for the locally-built Nissan Navara. 


The armouring kit in question is of the B6 variety. This discreet package, representing the highest grade of civilian armour available without a special permit, provides complete protection against assault rifles like AK47s, R5s and R1s. 

“Earlier this year, SVI Engineering introduced a non-discreet B6 Stopgun V2.0 kit for the Navara, garnering plenty of interest from South Africa’s security industry. With civilian buyers in mind, we have now also developed a B6 discreet package specifically for the Rosslyn-produced bakkie,” said Nicol Louw, business development director at SVI.


Compared to the B6 Stopgun V2.0 package, the discreet B6 kit’s armour is concealed. SVI says, “To the untrained eye, the [discreet B6 kit] is far more difficult to detect, allowing private individuals to fly under the radar while still enjoying full B6 protection.”

The discreet B6 package comprises 38 mm armoured glass, curved to OEM specification, and high-grade armoured steel plates. Firewall and footwell protection is included. The entire passenger cell is protected, as are the critical powertrain components. To cope with the additional weight of the armouring package, the Navara has received a suspension upgrade. 

So, how much does this B6 package cost? Equipping it to the double-cab Navara will is priced from R707 888 (excl. VAT) and, for the single-cab variant, R543 076 (excl. VAT).