Missed some of this year’s motoring news? Not to worry, with 2022 coming to a close, we look back on the motoring news that made this year’s headlines in a three-part series. Let’s recap! 

Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB Zagato

zagato motoring

Near the end of this year, Alfa Romeo and Zagato made motoring news headlines with the Giulia SWB Zagato, a one-off vehicle inspired by the SZ. Based on the Giulia GTAm but sporting a short-wheelbase configuration, this bespoke model is equipped with Alfa Romeo’s “legendary” 2.9-litre twin-turbocharged V6 producing 397 kW and 600 Nm. A six-speed manual gearbox drives the rear wheels.



When revealed, the most-hardcore BMW M4 dominated the motoring news headlines. Limited to only 1 000 examples globally (15 units were set aside for SA and are already sold out), the CSL-badged M4’s 3.0-litre inline-six produces 405 kW and 650 Nm. Power and torque are exclusively directed to the rear wheels via the Bavarian brand’s eight-speed M Steptronic automatic transmission. The German marque claims these figures allow the M4 CSL to complete the 0-100 km/h sprint in 3.7 seconds before reaching a top speed of 307 km/h.



The first standalone M model since the legendary M1, the BMW XM is the most powerful vehicle ever produced by the German company’s performance arm. 

The XM has a 4.4-litre V8 with “cutting-edge” M TwinPower Turbo tech and an electric motor. The M Hybrid drive system produces a total power and torque output of 480 kW and 800 Nm. The Bavarian brand says these figures allow the XM to accelerate to the three-figure marker from a standstill in 4.3 seconds.

In addition, BMW SA has confirmed that the XM is heading to our shores. The firm says we can expect the XM to arrive here in the second quarter of 2023. Local pricing here.

Ford Everest

Following a short teaser campaign, Ford has finally whipped the wraps off the next-generation Everest, with the Blue Oval brand saying the new model is built tough and capable on the outside while providing occupants with a sanctuary-like, comfortable interior. Read our launch review here

Koenigsegg CC850 

Paying homage to the CC8S, the first production Koenigsegg motor car, the CC850 is a limited-series hypercar with a 5.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 producing 1 019 kW and 1 385 Nm (when running on E85) and, most notably, a “revolutionary” transmission … A close look at the indicators on the gated manual gearbox reveals the letter “D”. Indeed, the world-first set-up allows the driver to leave the transmission to its own devices. In short, the CC850 features a six-speed manual ’box and a “super-fast” nine-speed self-shifter. 

Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato

Billed as the first super sports car designed for maximum driving pleasure on loose or dirt surfaces, Lamborghini made the global motoring news headlines this year when the Italian marque finally whipped the wraps off the Huracán Sterrato. So, what sets this all-terrain, mid-engined Raging Bull apart from its standard stablemates? For starters, it sports an updated version of Lamborghini’s Integrated Vehicle Dynamics (LDVI) system with specific Strada and Sport calibrations and a Rally mode for enhanced low-grip conditions. In addition, the fore and aft tracks have been increased by 30 mm and 34 mm. The ground clearance is up by 44 mm “to ensure greater suspension travel”. 

The Sterrato’s 5.2-litre V10 produces 449 kW and 565 Nm, directed to an electronically controlled all-wheel-drive Haldex system via a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Lamborghini claims a 0-100 km/h sprint time of 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 260 km/h.

Lexus RX


This year, Lexus whipped the covers of the brand-new RX, with the Japanese automaker saying the fifth generation has undergone a “complete” renewal. Lexus South Africa plans to introduce the new RX to SA early in 2023. Local pricing and specification will be revealed closer to the launch. 

Maserati GranTurismo


Marking a new chapter in the Italian firm’s history, Maserati has unveiled the new GranTurismo, a grand-tourer coupé combining the high performance of a sports car with the comfort suitable for long distances. 

The new GranTurismo is available with two powertrains, Maserati’s “revolutionary” V6 Nettuno engine, available in different states of tune in the Modena and high-performance Trofeo models, and a 100 per cent electric derivative, the Folgore. The 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged V6 in the Modena produces 360 kW, while the Nettuno unit found under the elongated bonnet of the Trofeo has been uprated to churn out 405 kW.

The electrified GranTurismo’s 800 V Folgore system comprises a 92.5 kWh battery coupled with three 300 kW permanent magnet motors. The set-up was developed with “cutting-edge” solutions derived from Formula E. Although boasting a trio of 300 kW electric motors, the battery has a discharge capacity of 560 kW to continuously transmit “around” 567 kW to the wheels.

Mercedes-AMG S63 E Performance

S63 E Performance

Mercedes-AMG unveiled the S63 E Performance, the most powerful S-Class ever created by the Affalterbach automaker. Making this Sonderklasse the most powerful of its namesake is, of course, its engine. Donning the E Performance moniker, under the bonnet of this S63 sits a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 coupled with a permanently excited synchronous electric motor sited on the rear axle. The total power and torque outputs are 590 kW and 1 430 Nm. The Three-pointed Star brand claims these figures allow the S63 E Performance to sprint to the three-figure marker from a standstill in 3.3 seconds. The top speed is electronically governed to 250 km/h. However, the maximum speed can be lifted to 290 km/h when specifying the optional AMG Driver’s Package. 

Mercedes-Benz GLC

“Embodying modern, sporty luxury”, Mercedes-Benz has whipped the wraps off the new GLC. The new GLC was launched with seven 2.0-litre four-cylinder powertrain options. Four are (48 V) mild-hybrid units, while the remaining three are plug-in hybrids. All models feature Merc’s nine-speed automatic transmission and 4Matic all-wheel drive. 

Pagani Utopia


The release of a new Pagani is sure to make motoring news headlines. The reveal of the Utopia was no different. Horacio Pagani’s latest creation was built as a hypercar representing simplicity, lightness and driving pleasure. It took six years to develop the firm’s latest model. 

The Utopia is equipped with a Mercedes-AMG-sourced 6.0-litre V12 that produces 635 kW and 1 100 Nm of torque. The twin-turbocharged unit is coupled with an X-Trac seven-speed transversal automated manual transmission (AMT) or “pure” manual gearbox with a similar number of cogs.

Porsche 911 Dakar


This year, it was not only Lamborghini who revealed an all-terrain-honed super sports car. Porsche unveiled the 911 Dakar! Limited to only 2 500 units, this Neunelfer boasts a ground clearance of 50 mm more than the 911 Carrera with sports suspension. In addition, this 911 can be lifted by an additional 30 mm. However, the system adjusts to its original setting once reaching 170 km/h. The top speed is electronically governed to 240 km/h. Adding to its off-road prowess is a set of specially developed all-terrain tyres. Rallye and Offroad driving models are also included. Local pricing, spec and options here

Rolls-Royce Spectre

This year, Rolls-Royce made the motoring news headlines when lifting the wraps off its first-ever electric vehicle, the Spectre. Dubbed the world’s first “ultra-luxury” electric super coupé, the British luxury marque says the Spectre is the “most perfect product it has ever created. 

Rolls-Royce says the final power, acceleration and range figures of the (2 975 kg) EV are still being refined. However, preliminary data has shown a power and torque output of 430 kW and 900 Nm, a 0-100 km/h sprint time of 4.5 seconds, and an “expected” range of 520 km. 

Volkswagen Golf GTI Jacara Edition


Volkswagen South Africa made the local motoring news headlines with not only the SA arrival of the new Golf R (our test review here) and the first-ever R-Badged Tiguan… This year, the local arm of the German marque introduced the Golf GTI Jacara Edition to its line-up. Priced at R16 700 less than the standard GTI (watch our video review here), the newcomer is priced at R716 500. So, what sets the Jacara Edition apart from its stablemate? Well, the only difference is that the Jacara Edition ditches its sibling’s ‘Vienna’ leather-trimmed seats (owing to supply shortages) for ‘Jacara’ fabric in a check motif. Apart from the change in upholstery, the specification remains the same.

Volvo EX90

Volvo EX90

Volvo made the global motoring news headlines when it whipped the wraps off its flagship e-SUV, the EX90. Signifying the start of something new for the brand, the EX90 will initially be available in twin-motor all-wheel-drive guise. Coupled with a 111 kWh battery, the two permanent magnet electric motors produce 380 kW and 910 Nm of torque.