Here’s the list of South Africa’s top five best-selling vehicles in June 2023. Spoiler alert, there were some big changes to the list…

5. Isuzu D-Max — 1 953

june 2023

With 1 953 customers — around 400 more compared to May 2023 — putting pen to paper for the D-Max, the Isuzu bakkie remained in fifth position.

4. Volkswagen Polo Vivo — 1 967

june 2023

In June 2023, the Polo Vivo was relegated to fourth, with 1 967 units, some 100 more than in May 2023, sold in the sixth month of the year.

3. Ford Ranger — 2 099

june 2023

Like the Polo Vivo, the Ford Ranger fell one spot (from second to third) on the list comprising SA’s top five best-selling vehicles in June 2023. In this month, some five fewer units of the Blue Oval brand’s bakkie were sold.

2. Toyota Corolla Cross — 2 115

The biggest change to the list, Toyota’s popular crossover has jumped two places, with 2 115 units sold, putting it in second position. In June 2023, Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM) sold almost 500 more Corolla Cross units than in May 2023.

1. Toyota Hilux — 3 792

june 2023

No surprise here… In June 2023, the Toyota Hilux was once again SA’s best-selling vehicle, with a noteworthy sales figure of 3 792 units sold. Compared to May 2023, almost 1 000 more Hiluxes found homes in the sixth month of the year. In addition, the total number of Hilux units sold is almost 1 700 more than its closest bakkie rival on this list.