Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM) has announced the engine line-up for the upcoming Toyota Corolla Cross. “We are proud to announce the inclusion of both conventional petrol and hybrid powertrains,” TSAM says.

Corolla Cross
Two engine options will be on offer: a petrol and hybrid.

The petrol-powered Corolla Cross makes do with the Japanese manufacturer’s 1,8-litre normally aspirated four-cylinder engine, which features in the current-generation Corolla Quest and Corolla Xs sedan. Incorporating VVT-i technology, the 2ZR-FE unit directs 103 kW and 173 N.m of torque, available from 6 000 r/min and 4 400 r/min respectively, exclusively to the front axle through a seven-step CVT transmission. According to Toyota, the 1,8-litre 1,8-litre motor uses only 6,8 L/100 km.

Corolla Cross
Petrol-electric powertrain produces a combined output of 90 kW.

The first Toyota hybrid powertrain produced on local shores, the petrol-electric motor powering the hybrid midsize crossover produces a combined power output of 90 kW. By itself, the 1,8-litre internal combustion engine produces 72 kW and 142 N.m. The electric motor provides an additional 53 kW and 163 N.m. Like its petrol-powered sibling, the hybrid model is equipped with a CVT transmission.

Corolla Cross
Both engine options are linked to a CVT transmission.

According to TSAM, the integration of the petrol and electric powerplants hands the high-raised Corolla an “ultra-refined” powertrain, which offers “superior” power and torque, and acceleration.  The Corolla Cross Hybrid boasts a claimed fuel consumption figure of only 4,3 L/100 km.