Toyota has whipped the covers of a trio of Corolla Cross art cars, inspired by some of the United States’ most iconic cities. The project was part of the Japanese automaker’s “Just Right” campaign, which featured influencer artists Trav MSK, Joseph “Sentrock” Perez and ELLE. Each artist was asked to create a unique, meaningful mural inspired by their respective cities. 

Corolla Cross
ELLE’s artwork.

Regarded as one of the top graffiti artists in New York, ELLE took inspiration from some of her favourite parts of the Big Apple. “My piece was focused on my favourite parts of New York City, which are the bright lights, reflections and finding beauty in the darkness,” said ELLE. “From my zoomed-in perspective of life in the city, it was fun to take that inspiration and translate it both onto the vehicle and the wall in a way that encapsulates the beauty.”

Trav MSK’s artwork.

Reigning from Los Angeles, like all of his work, Trav MSK took inspiration from his home city and how technology pushes business out of the physical space. “With this one specifically, I wanted to create something that almost felt like a road trip within the composition of the wall it was going to live on,” said Trav MSK. 

“With the vehicle, I wanted to create something a little bit more like the product. I wanted to have glimpses of the mural, but I didn’t want to pull the mural off and put it on the car because what works on a wall doesn’t necessarily work on a vehicle,” he added. 

Sentrock’s artwork.

Joseph “Sentrock” Perez’s creation was parked outside Wrigley Field baseball stadium, highlighting Toyota’s ongoing partnership with the Chicago Cubs. “When I create a mural when I put together a body of work, and then we have the show, or we display it, it’s that perfect opportunity of, we worked, we grinded for this, and now we get to show our community what we’re doing.”

On the collaboration, Toyota North America media manager for integrated marketing operations Ann Dragovits said: “Collaborating with these talented artists was the perfect way to elevate the 2022 Corolla Cross. Their creative works illustrate what the SUV represents: boldness, versatility, and the freedom to move while also pulling inspiration from each artist’s local community.”

As a reminder, the U.S.-arm of the company recently revealed the 2023 Corolla Cross Hybrid.