Toyota has announced its battery-electric vehicle (BEV) strategies, with the Japanese car manufacturer revealing 16 Toyota and Lexus BEV models, including the bZ4X which is due in 2022. 

bZ line-up.

During the presentation, Toyota president Akio Toyoda confirmed the company aims to roll out 30 BEV models by 2030, with anticipated sales amounting to 3.5 million units globally. “We aim to achieve global sales of 3.5 million battery EVs per year by 2030,” said Toyoda. 

“We plan to roll out 30 battery EV models by 2030”

“Furthermore, we will expand the options for carbon-neutral vehicles by offering a full line-up of battery EVs. Specifically, we plan to roll out 30 battery EV models by 2030, globally offering a full line-up of battery EVs in the passenger and commercial segments.”

As mentioned, during the presentation, the Aichi-based automaker unveiled several BEV concepts which form part of its bZ line-up. These include a small crossover, a compact SUV, a large SUV, and a sedan. 

Other concept EVs included the Small SUEV,  crossover, the Compact Cruiser EV, a bakkie and a sports EV. The firm further revealed a duo of van-like concepts, the Mid Box and Micro Box, and a people-carrier, the e-Palette, to form part of its commercial range. 

Lexus Toyota
Lexus BEV line-up.

In terms of the manufacturer’s luxury arm, Lexus, the carmaker revealed a quartet of concept EVs.  These are a large SUV, the RZ, a sedan, and a sports car. 

Said Toyoda: “Lexus aims to realise a full line-up of battery EVs in all vehicle segments by 2030 and to have battery EVs account for 100 per cent of its vehicle sales in Europe, North America, and China, totalling 1 million units globally. And it aims for battery EVs to make up 100 per cent of its global vehicles sales in 2035.”