Now offering customers the choice to customise their Corolla Cross to their tastes, Toyota South Africa Motors (TSAM) has unveiled a series of personalisation packages for the Japanese car manufacturer’s latest crossover. Here’s how much you can expect to pay…

A quartet of exterior packages is on offer: the X-Over (pronounced “crossover”) package, Urban Sport, Hybrid and, for those looking to amplify the crossover’s SUV-like appearance, the Adventure accessory pack. 

X-Over package.

Priced at R23 690, the X-Over package features “rugged” matte black cladding on the front grille and bumper and a silver front guard with a three-dimensional design. Complementing the latter item, the side skirts feature a similar design. ’Round back, the X-Over-equipped models gain a rear bumper insert. Fitted with this package, the Corolla Cross’ alloy wheels are finished in gloss black. Window safety film is also included. 

Urban Sport package.

The Urban Sport option is priced at R18 723. According to Toyota, this package “combines utility with rugged style” by offering “enhanced” protection to the exterior while creating a “unique” visual identity. The Urban Sport package includes a black front bumper, extended side skirt, and “diffuser-like” rear bumper insert. 

Adventure package.

The Adventure package, Toyota says, “amplifies” the Corolla Cross’ SUV appearance. Similarly priced as the Urban Sport option (R18 723), the Adventure option features exterior design elements such as a silver front bumper with raised surface detailing, silver side skirts and a matching rear bumper spoiler. 

Hybrid package available exclusively to Hybrid Xs and Xr models.

Available exclusively on Hybrid models equipped with Xs or Xr level of specification, the Hybrid package is priced at R7 964. This accessory package includes metallic blue, boomerang-shaped corner trim garnishes, blue side skirt inserts, blue inserts on the corners of the rear bumper and blue trim on the C-pillars. 

An array of optional electronic items are also on offer. These include a front digital video recorder (R2 390), fore and aft digital video recorder (R3 722), front parking sensors (priced at R3 147 for a two-piece unit to R3 998 for a four-piece item), rear parking sensors (R1 602), and LED front foglamps (R4 091). Interior options include a wireless smartphone charger (R2 789), tyre pressure monitoring system (R4 078), head-up display (4 422) and a blind-spot monitor (R8 836). 

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