The Classic Car Show, now including the German vs Jap show, will span two full days at Nasrec Expo Centre on July 6 and 7, 2024. Last year’s event, previously a one-day affair, attracted record crowds.

Organizer Paulo Calisto, who launched Johannesburg’s first Classic Car Show in 2012, highlights, “We’ll showcase classic exhibits in Hall 5 at Nasrec. With the expanded two-day format, owners of topflight cars can leave vehicles safely at Nasrec.”

Special classic owners are urged to deliver cars on July 4 or 5 for secure, indoor display. Those with cars 40 years or older for one-day outdoor display outside Hall 5 can arrive Saturday or Sunday, as with past shows.

For the German vs Jap display, cars must arrive July 4 or 5. A media day before the weekend will allow photo opportunities without large crowds.

The show merges traditional classics with modified German and Japanese cars like VW Golfs, BMWs, Toyota Corollas, Honda Civics, and Subarus. Classic cars dating from the 1950s to 1970s have seen increased interest, while modified modern cars attract younger enthusiasts investing significantly in customizations.

Modified cars often feature lowered suspensions using adjustable air springs for both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Many boast customized paint, aerodynamic kits, race-spec interiors, and high-performance engines.

The debate between preserving originality versus upgrading with modern parts remains ongoing, reflecting diverse perspectives in the classic car community.

Visitors can anticipate a range of American classics, including the iconic Ford Mustang celebrating its 60th anniversary. British classics such as Minis, MGs, and Jaguars, alongside Italian makes like Alfa Romeo and Fiat, will also be showcased.

Day 2 of the German vs Jap segment features a dyno competition aiming for 500 to 600 kW power figures, especially from turbocharged Toyota Supras. Saturday’s highlight is the Limbo event to determine the lowest ride height.

Food, drinks, music, helicopter rides, and kid-friendly activities ensure a family-friendly atmosphere. Tickets are available via Computicket: R100 for adults and R30 for children under 12. Nasrec Expo Centre is conveniently located near Johannesburg’s CBD, off the N1 highway by Soccer City.

For more details, visit or, organizers of the German vs Jap segment.