Volvo has officially whipped the wraps off the EX30, a new all-electric small SUV from the Swedish automaker. Here’s what you can expect…


Based on the Gothenburg-based brand’s “purpose-built”, modular Sustainable Electric Architecture, the EX30 measures 4 233 mm in length, 1 836 mm in width, 1 555 mm in height, and 2 650 mm between the fore and aft axles, making it the most compact crossover/SUV in Volvo’s portfolio. (For reference, the XC40 measures 4 425 mm nose to tail, 1 863 mm in width, 1 652 mm in height, and 2 702 mm between the front and rear axles.)

“The fully electric EX30 might be our smallest ever SUV, but it’s a big deal for our customers and a big deal for us as a company,” said Jim Rowan, chief executive of Volvo Cars. “We like to say the EX30 is small yet mighty, because it delivers on everything you’d want from a Volvo but in a smaller package. Like any Volvo, it’s an outstanding product which is safe and designed around people and their needs.”

The exterior design language is quintessentially Volvo. The EX30’s styling is reminiscent of the EX90’s, the firm’s flagship emissions-free SUV. However, here, it’s been applied to a smaller scale. The body surfaces are “clean”, minimalistic. The ‘closed shield’ is flanked by the latest interpretation — a ‘digital rendition’ — of Volvo’s ‘Thor’s Hammer’ headlamps. ‘Round back, the C-shaped taillamps are connected by two gloss black bars, surrounding the “Volvo” lettering, spanning the tailgate. The rear windshield is also flanked by lamps.


However, for those wanting to travel, ahem, cross country, Volvo has announced the EX30 Cross Country derivative, a special variant for customers who want a bid more adventure from their EX30. This derivative will feature a range of model-specific equipment, such as fore, aft and side skid plates; black panels on the front bumper and bootlid, and 19-inch black wheels (18-inch items wrapped in bespoke tyres are an option). The EX30 Cross Country will also have more ground clearance.


Like the exterior, the cabin is contemporary. Minimalistic. And even more so in the EX30. Whereas, for example, the C40 Recharge we sampled on the local launch sports a driver’s and an infotainment display, the most compact Volvo SUV is fitted with a single touchscreen, sited in the centre of the dashboard. Key driving information is displayed at the top of the Android-powered, 12.3-inch item, while the remaining functions, such as media, accessible below. The system is coupled with a “first-of-its-kind” audio-system soundbar.

“Putting everything into a single screen means we can create a feeling of space around the driver, as well as save on materials,” said the company. Speaking of the materials, like the C40 Recharge, the EX30’s interior features several recycled trim elements. Of course, like all Volvos, the EX30 is packed with a host of safety systems.


The EX30 is available in Single Motor, rear-wheel drive and Twin Motor, all-wheel drive guises. The single electric motor arrangement, producing 200 kW and 343 Nm of torque, can be had with the standard, 54 kWh lithium-ion phosphate battery pack, allowing for an electric range of 344 km, or 69 kWh item increasing range to 480 km. The standard and Extended range models have claimed 0-100 km/h sprint times of 5.7 and 5.3 seconds, respectively.

The Twin Motor, all-wheel-drive variant boasts 315 kW and 543 Nm for a claimed 0-100 km/h sprint time of 3.4 seconds, making it the quickest accelerating vehicles ever produced by Volvo. This variant has a claimed electric range of 460 km.