Following tests conducted at room temperature and heat tests of “up to” 50º Celcius, Bugatti has announced it has now subjected the Centodieci to -20º Celcius in a special climate chamber for 12 hours.

“Like any other Bugatti, the Centodieci has to perform impeccably at all temperatures”

According to the Molsheim-based hypercar manufacturer, the test was conducted to establish the durability of the limited-edition hypercar’s build, with the French firm’s engineers waiting for even the smallest titanium screw and very last carbon part to reach the sub-zero temperature. 


“Like any other Bugatti, the Centodieci has to perform impeccably at all temperatures, be it 50 degrees Celsius or minus 20 degrees Celsius. We owe this to our quality pledge and to our customers,” said Carl Heilenkötter, Bugatti’s technical project manager for one-off and few-off projects. “With the climate chamber, we can replicate all kinds of different tests and precisely compare the results again and again.”

As a reminder, the Centodieci is powered by Bugatti’s familiar “high-performance” W16 engine. In the Centodieci, the quad-turbocharged 8.0-litre petrol unit produces 1 176 kW, available from 7 050 r/min to 7 100 r/min. Torque is rated at 1 600 Nm. 

In addition, the company has announced that production will begin “soon”, once all the testing has been completed and the development team has completed the vehicle. All ten vehicles are set to be delivered to owners in this year.