Arguably the most recognisable design in the motoring world, for some, the Porsche 911’s sempiternal silhouette bears a great deal of meaning. This timeless line has now been etched onto skin.

Few motor vehicles are worthy of a “timeless” status. It’s cars that embody evolution rather than revolution. Arguably the most iconic sports car ever produced, the Porsche 911 is one. The designer of each iteration has had the challenging task of reimagining yet staying faithful to the original silhouette since the 911’s introduction in 1964. Celebrating a decade of exquisite tattoo design, we headed to Cape Electric Tattoo, located at the foot of Table Mountain, where owner and artist Waldo del Rocca meticulously reinterpreted the 911’s timeless silhouette, although small, onto our editor’s skin.

We want to thank Waldo del Rocca of Cape Electric Tattoo for exquisitely reinterpreting the 911’s timeless design in ink. For more information on Cape Electric Tattoo, visit their Instagram page or contact 021 423 7646. Special thanks to Michelle Hambly-Grobler (@porschegirlct on Instagram) for joining us with her immaculate 1969 Porsche 911 S and putting our editor’s nervousness at ease. It’s been a privilege.

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