South African armoured-vehicle specialist SVI Engineering has revealed an anti-riot scraper for the Toyota Land Cruiser 79, with the hydraulically powered system providing a solution for safely clearing a path through debris to allow security and medical personnel access to critical locations. Watch video below…

anti-riot Land Cruiser
Raised, the scraper serves as a standard bumper.

The scraper is, as mentioned, hydraulically powered. This enables lowering and raising the unit by the press of a button, the latter located inside the cabin. Set to the highest position, the scraper serves as a normal bumper. 

SVI is currently developing a version for the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger

Depending on the obstacle that needs clearing, the local company’s latest anti-riot solution offers different angles of attack. It weighs “around” 100 kg which, SVI says, is comparable to the mass of a standard bulbar and winch fitted to many off-road vehicles. SVI can also equip a fire extinguisher (to extinguish burning objects as the anti-riot Land Cruiser 79 approaches them) to the blade at additional cost. 

anti-riot Land Cruiser
Scraper is lowered (and raised) by the press of a button.

Speaking of cost, the SVI anti-riot scraper for the Land Cruiser 79 retails at R64 995 (excluding VAT). The manufacturing process takes four weeks to complete, while installing the anti-riot unit takes “less than” a day. 

The anti-riot is, however, not only available for the Land Cruiser 79. According to the South African firm, on request, it can adapt the system to suit many other vehicles. SVI is currently developing a version for the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger.