It’s Watch Wednesday, and today we look at a brand-new release from Casio. Created in collaboration with Honda Racing, the latest model in the watchmaker’s Edifice line-up — the Edifice Honda Racing Red Edition — marks the 60th anniversary of the Suzuka Circuit’s establishment by the Japanese automaker. 


Based on the Edifice Sospensione EQB-2000 model, the Honda Racing Red Edition features the same genuine paint used in the red Honda emblem, which exclusively appears on its Type R-badged cars. The “X” at the centre of the dial is finished in this hue. The watch also features the HRC logo of Honda Racing Corporation. 

Further setting this model apart from its standard stablemates, like the interiors of Honda’s Type R vehicles, the watch features Alcantara material. The strap is fashioned from Alcantara. A Honda Racing logo is embossed on the strap. 

In addition, like the timepiece it is based on, it features Casio’s “unique” suspension arm design. The stainless steel case is finished in black and features a red inlay. The rear of the case features an engraved logo to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Suzuka Circuit. 

The Edifice Honda Racing Red Edition features automatic time adjustment, world-time functionality of “about” 300 cities, and stopwatch data transfer. The latter feature allows the wearer to save “up to” 200 lap times and transfer them to their smartphone. 


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